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Obama Tax Proposal Has Overwhelming Support



Andrew Sullivan: “Every single poll shows that the American public overwhelmingly supports higher taxes on the wealthy as part of a package to cut the deficit. The margins are staggering: the NYT poll shows a majority of 74 - 21; even Rasmussen shows a majority of 56 - 34. What the president proposed this morning is simply where the American people are at. If he keeps at it, if he turns his administration into a permanent campaign for structural fiscal reform, I don’t see how he loses the argument.”

That’s 3:1 support!! Three regular people for every one delusional corporatist hack.


There are people on this thread actually defending the rich.  How quaint.  Because we all know that people who make millions of dollars a year earned that all by themselves through their own hard work and they have no obligation to society.

(Source: liberalsarecool, via seriouslyamerica)

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    THIS is what the american people actually want. Listening and responding appropriately ftw Mr President (&staff)
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