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The Freakout


The freakout isn’t about a Black president, it’s that white vote, for a party bill sold on nothing but white supremacy, was outvoted.  “The end of white America” etc. is basically the expectation that people who will vote solely on white supremacy, no longer the majority.  The freakout reveals so much of what we already knew about their assumptions of how the world is “supposed to work”.

And it’s not like we haven’t seen this before - everywhere the micro and macro aggressions - because they expected certain things to be like the laws of physics:

- “How you can you be in MY neighborhood?”

- “How can you get promoted BEFORE me?”

- “How did your near perfect scores get you into school and my mediocre ones NOT?”


See, the thing is that McCain tried to argue on issues.  Romney didn’t - he literally came with no plan, no policy, nothing.  All he had boiled down to him, being the white guy.  They figured “Trust me” was enough to roll on - from the Tea Partiers to the dissatisfied left.

Now that they see it wasn’t, what we’re seeing is more about white people’s issues than anything else.  The pundits aren’t saying “end of America” they’re saying “end of WHITE America” because they figure there’s no point in being “politically correct” anymore.

The sun has come up in the West, set in the East, the laws of Thermodynamics are broken and whiteness doesn’t just AUTOMATICALLY win.

Mind you, the difference was less than 3% by popular vote, but that’s already TOO MUCH agency of people who didn’t just go with whiteness.  And that’s shaking them to the core - as much as when we simply do normal shit in society and they can’t understand why they weren’t preferred above everyone else.

We gonna see everything they’re about, because they’re about to throw tantrums.   You already know - they gonna up the microaggressions at least, and we all know the angry-white-guy-gunman-mass-shooter thing is going to happen again as well.

Stay safe.  Whiteness always ups the violence when anything shows it’s falseness, as much as abusers are the most dangerous when the survivor is making moves to leave

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