So I’ve been learning to use my metering function when I shoot in manual mode. Instead of letting the camera choose the middle of the photo to give me an exposure reading, I pick a spot - in this case the moon. And get my exposure reading from there. The top photo was “center metered” by the camera and the bottom was “spot metered” by me. I am still learning, so for all your experienced photographers rolling your eyes at Mrs. Newbie over here, give me a break. 

I’m pretty satisfied with the fact you can actually see the shade of the moon, instead of just an overblow white blob.

Learning about the same stuff here.

  1. hermansoldmyspace said: dat moon on the right
  2. anonemouse said: i’m an experienced (as in trained at one of the top few programs in the world) photographer and i’m more just smiling cause i remember how much fun it was when i first discovered this - i think the word you were actually looking for was “snobs” =p
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