I really just want to buy a copy of “Where the Sidewalk Ends”


and cut out and frame my favorite poems and plaster them all over my house.

I realize that is like the highest form of blasphemy to cut up a book. But I love Shel Silverstein and keeping his beautiful work on a bookshelf to be enjoyed every now and then feels more blasphemous.

You should turn your camera on the pages and plaster those on your walls

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    You should turn your camera on the pages and plaster those on your walls
  2. penguintnt said: That is a brilliant idea! I want to do that!
  3. jennadays said: you could photocopy your favorite pages and put those up so you keep the book in one piece!
  4. fezzikismyhomeboy said: scan them and make a copy… might be illegal but you’re not using them to make profit
  5. timevortexheart said: Thats what a scanner/printer is for. :-p I couldn’t bear to tear up a book, personally.
  6. unepetitesouris said: there are some really nice prints of them all framed and illustrated on etsy
  7. memoirsofastepfordwife said: I love that book beyond words and love this idea
  8. boonecountymatingcall said: You could scan them or look them up online and print them out if the idea of cutting up a book isn’t so fun! :)
  9. cashela said: Cut it up and do a framing artsy type project? I’d check out used bookstores/editions on Amazon to make you fee less like you’re desecrating a work
  10. caracaracara said: Also, I may have to steal this idea.
  11. anonemouse said: i feel like it’s a lot less blasphemous when it’s a poetry collection… & i also feel like silverstein would’ve loved that idea. go for it!
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