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Though she be but little she is fierce.


If you’re religious I suggest you skip this post

 I’ll do an read more so you can. 

People pray when they feel helpless. There is nothing we can do to bring those children back to life. So people are ~praying~ for their families. In the same breath these people are saying “don’t make this about gun laws.” 

So you want me to pray to an invisible sky being that according to you is omnipotent and by accounts according to your faith has the power to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the first place…you want me to pray that he comforts families of slain children, AND ignore the problems in our legal system that allows for this sort of thing to happen. Yeah.. OK.

People say laws aren’t the answer because criminals break laws. Of course they do. But in our country a person who wants to commit a mass shooting… Typically isn’t a criminal like we would define. Think of Columbine - 2 kids. No violent records. Access to weapons through friends. The shooting in Colorado this summer. He had no criminal record and obtained all his weapons legally. Do you understand how easy it is to buy a weapon legally in this country? I’m not saying ban all guns, but there needs to be stricter laws in place when it comes to ammunition sales, permits for obtaining weapons, time periods between trying to buy a weapon and actually getting one. But god forbid if someone mentions that.

This is the only crime that happens in our country over and over again that isn’t put through the ringer of “we need stricter laws”. Marijuana is completely illegal in this country, but a 21 year old kid can go to a gun show and 5 hours later walk out with multiple weapons, and then because NC has open carry laws, he can walk into Walmart, a shopping mall, any restaurant and no one can say anything to him. What is wrong with that picture? After 9/11 I can’t get through airport security without going through a scanner bare foot and getting my toenail clippers confiscated. More people die every year because of Gun violence than were killed when the twin towers collapsed.

I’m just saying people need to get their heads out of their ass. This is a serious problem in our country and easy access to guns does cause more people to die in spite of what the NRA will have you believe. Tell me was the last time you read about 30 children being stabbed to death? 

I’m not going to pray about this. My heart breaks for those families and the children who had to witness everything today. I’m not going to pray, I’m going to do something that might actually aid in preventing this sort of thing from happening again. I’m going to discuss the laws, I’m going to write to my congressmen, maybe sign a petition or two. Will it help? Who knows. But I know praying and pretending my country doesn’t have a serious problem won’t.

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