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Idiots Respond To NBC Pre-Empting Sunday Night Football



NBC pre-empted the first quarter of tonight’s 49ers-Patriots game to show President Obama’s speech at the Newtown memorial for victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. As you might expect, many football fans didn’t take kindly to this.

I’m not posting any of the tweets here; if you haven’t seen them and have an interest in the names and faces of the dregs of humanity, you can go see for yourself how unabashed racism, love of guns, love of televised sports, and hatred of government all mix together.

It’s interesting to see how many of these people have already deleted their Twitter accounts; I suppose they’ll just stick to being racist morons offline from now on. Even more interesting, though, are the geniuses who have kept their accounts and are defending themselves: “Hey, I was just making a joke.” Or, “I always talk like this about everyone.” Or, “People take everything too seriously.” Or, “I’m on the news!”

Of course, if there weren’t a ton of racist morons out there, I’m not sure what I’d write about

Politicalprof: this is incredibly hard to read, but it is a real part of America …

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    America is good. Some Americans are hateful and racist, and ignorant. This makes me sad. But most Americans believe in...
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    Oh, sorry to block your meaningless entertainment for the night, someone was trying to show some respect for the dead....
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    Anyone else remember a time when the President addressing the nation was a cause to pause, listen, and give the elected...
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    Criticize Obama’s policies all you want, the second someone shows their racist views towards them they lose credibility....
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    Sports fetish, machismo, dudebro, racism. This isn’t just a problem with these individuals, there’s a subculture these...
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