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So people talk about gun control as if the ability to own a high powered assault rifle will protect you from the government if shit gets crazy.

Like, as American’s we have the unique ability to protect ourselves. People cite Hitler’s gun control policies. If only all the people he imprisoned had weapons! They could fight back and that wouldn’t have happened.

For one, that is seriously disrespectful of the people who were imprisoned. Many of them did fight back.. and it blames their inability to over come a full military for their imprisonment. Instead of you know… fucking Hitler and his merry band of crazies.

They go on to talk about other genocides and general crappy human situations, saying IF ONLY THEY HAD GUNS! IT ALL WOULD HAVE BEEN OK!

Let’s completely ignore the Japanese Internment camps our own country created less than 80 years ago… which imprisoned AMERICANS (62% of those held were citizens) who had their precious 2nd amendment right.

Let me just say this Gun-toting John Wayne wannabe’s..

Your gun is not going to stop the big bad government if they decide to exterminate you. The government has weapons you cannot even begin to fathom. How is your assault rifle gonna measure up to… I dunno an unmanned drone, since that is our government’s favorite way of killing people these days? Easy. It won’t.

Access to these weapons gives you the illusion of safety. When really allowing such easy access results in more deaths. Compare our country to… CANADA… they are essentially the same culture as us.. where are there quarterly mass shootings? Over and over again we see this.. but instead of enacting regulations (not a full out ban!) Congress would rather create a budget and a plan to make sure 1 SINGLE armed police officer is in a school at all times. Or we would rather blame it on the killers “mental health” problems, or religious affiliations, or our violent media culture. There are businesses selling BULLET PROOF BACK PACKS FOR CHILDREN. But we can’t even talk about regulation with stupid talking heads coming up saying “GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.”

Yeah… guns don’t magical animate themselves and then kill people. But a guy with a gun and terrible intentions sure can do a lot of damage.

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