it isn’t about hating change


it honestly feels like tumblr did no QA on this update, let alone usability testing.

there are so many obvious things that are buggy about this format - things that simply don’t work, i can’t imagine that anyone did any QA at all.

I haven’t been able to watch a video on tumblr since the update…they keep breaking (or that’s what I assume has happened by the red video camera logo with the “x” on it that keeps appearing when I attempt to watch videos)

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    I haven’t had all of these problems thankfully, but I just wanted to reblog this for truth. (I have had difficulty...
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    I haven’t been able to watch anything posted from YouTube unless I leave tumblr and go to YouTube. My biggest problem,...
  3. davenport-6 said: I’ve only posted from my phone since the update. I’ll have to try out the new interface tomorrow. Doesn’t sound encouraging.
  4. amomenttothink said: Like, put something in your drafts and then edit it. Just plain buggy.
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