Do you ever want to know the tools of someones trade? Just hover your mouse on the bottom left corner of the photo and a little i will appear. Click it, and you’ll get all the technicals of the photograph!

I love this little tumblr feature because I follow several photographers and I love seeing how they set their camera for certain photos.

For the photo above I DID use photoshop to convert it to black and white. But I didn’t mess with much else. 

sincerelyelizabeth asked about my camera, so I thought I would share this little “cheat” with you guys. Although I do love when you guys ask questions. 

awesome little feature there tumblr.

  1. 0xfefe said: Huh. I’m not used to seeing ISO over 200. Although, you probably get less noise shooting during the day :S
  2. sincerelyelizabeth said: For some reason since the last update, my dash doesn’t do that anymore. Sometimes if I hover a while, it will, but I figured I’d just ask. Thanks for the info :)
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