“Jilly, my favorite Democrat… Folks, I tell you what, it was worth the trip to hear my wife say what I’ve never heard her say before: She’s always loved me.  If that’s the case, why in the heck did it take five times of asking you? And that’s true. Five times. I don’t know what I would have done, kiddo, had you on that fifth time said no. I love you. You’re the love of my life and the life of my love.“ 

- Joe Biden speaking about Jill Biden, 2012 DNC


President Obama and his wife, Michelle, reported adjusted gross income of $789,674 in 2011 and paid just over 20 percent of it to the federal government in taxes.

Their income declined nearly $1 million from the previous year, when the president was reaping larger amounts from sales of his bestselling books.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama paid $162,074 in income taxes, an effective tax rate of 20.5 percent. In a statement, the White House suggested that Mr. Obama believed that he should pay a higher rate, noting that his administration wants to reform the tax code and ask “the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share while protecting families making under $250,000.” Mr. Biden and his wife, Jill, reported adjusted gross income of $379,035 and paid $87,900 in federal tax, an effective tax rate of 23 percent. That is roughly the same as what the couple reported last year.