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RIAA: “Misinformation May Be a Dirty Trick, But It Works.”

For years the RIAA has tried to convince the world that piracy is killing musicians.

Supported by bogus statistics and mistruths, they lobby politicians to pass draconian anti-piracy laws including SOPA and PIPA.

Until a few weeks ago the music group thought it had Congress it its pockets. But this changed when the Internet started to revolt, led by major sites such as Wikipedia and Reddit.

Responding to this backlash RIAA CEO Cary Sherman wrote a piece in the New York Times today. While I considered to respond to it in detail, pulling just one quote was more fitting.

“Misinformation may be a dirty trick, but it works,” Sherman writes.

Indeed, in a sick twist RIAA’s boss accuses the tech lobby of foul play, backing up his accusation with hundreds of clearly biased words.

But it works of course….

(Source: anticapitalist, via truth-has-a-liberal-bias)