This president is the problem, not something that Newt Gingrich said.
Rick Perry • Putting a nice bow on the ribbon that was the debate over Newt Gingrich’s Palestine comments. To a degree, yes, but considering Israel/Palestine has become such a large issue for conservatives, that’s not entirely true. (via shortformblog)
The thought that people would just let this country default… I think Speaker Boehner should be complimented for what he did. This country should never default.

Jon Huntsman, standing up and being counted in favor of the debt ceiling “Boehner plan,” and decrying his opponents’ willingness to see a U.S. default. Huntsman has been a little invisible so far tonight, and this helps him stand out from the crowd, though whether this message will play politically is an unsure thing. (via shortformblog)

Huntsman is kind of a silver fox. Just throwing that out there. If I HAD to vote for one of them, I would briefly consider voting for Huntsman before throwing myself off a cliff.

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Huntsman is the best general election candidate by a MILE. And that’s precisely why he won’t get the nomination…

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