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11 month old twins dancing to daddy’s guitar

> That look they give each other when the music starts… absolutely adorable!

> I’ve gone from not wanting kids, to wanting twins and learning to play guitar.. in the space of 45 seconds.

> Proven that babies can and do effectively communicate with each other.

> I’m amazed at the human response to music/harmony at this early a stage. Instantly they’re just like “wow, this is pleasing to the ears! I love this!”

> Oh snap sis it’s our jam!

Adorable twins being adorable

True Story


When I was a kid, we didn’t have these fancy personal recording devices. The closest thing I had was a beige Fisher Price tape recorder (this image on this link is EXACTLY what I had). We did have a VCR (which looked like this), but it only had Play, Stop and Rewind buttons. 

Being the industrious kid I was (I was around four or five years old) — and a pretty strange one, to boot — I would take my beige Fisher Price tape recorder and hold it up to the television while the Monkees TV show was on. I did this all the time. 

After the show, I’d go into my room and listen to the audio of the show, while my brain replayed the visual. (I also did the same thing with the Chuck Norris movie, Code of Silence. Yes, I’m a weirdo. What’s it to you?)

The point is, I firmly believe that my recording of the Monkees television show onto cassette tapes clicked a switch on in my brain that allows me to understand sound in a way I might never have known. This, in large part, led to me learning how to play music so that I could recreate the sounds that I hear in my head. Which led me to, basically, being me.

A shorter point is: because of Davy Jones and the Monkees, I have an affinity for sound.

RIP Davy Jones.

truthfully, only reblogging this because of the linked picture to the Fisher Price tape player/recorder I also owned

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If I found out these two are married I will die of adorableness.

oh gee oh gosh oh golly.

Note to self:  ”The Pink Panther” theme song is kind of sexy.

This is awesome. These two perform well together. Make sure you watch the last two minutes.

I think i might now have a crush on Jane Lui

Alright, Tumblr: Do your thing and reblog the hell out of this. Vote to support my school's marching band.


One of my students got an application going for the Pepsi Refresh grant.  It’s 50k for the marching program.  

A little about the band:

  • I was in it!  Color guard, all four years, former captain.
  • Went to state for the first time in my senior year, 2000.  Placed 6th. 
  • Last year, the band didn’t do “real competition” through the Indiana State School Music Association because of the cost.  It costs money for each contest:  fees, travel, food, etc, on TOP of designing and putting on a show.
  • The school is 40% free and reduced lunch, and band is an actual class on top of the out of class practices.  The kids have to pay for fees for travel and uniforms.  Some kids can’t afford it, but no one is ever turned away if they can’t pay.
  • “Why don’t you fundraise?”  They do.  They do a door-to-door collection every year, sell fruit, magazines, discount cards, and take donations to perform for local groups.  It’s not enough.
  • Due to parent demand, the band is trying to get back into the competition circuit.

I attribute part of my decision to become a teacher to marching band.  It made me a leader, it taught me to be organized, and made me disciplined as I balanced school, work, and band.

My fondest memories are around band:  State finals, a trip to NYC, marching in a Philadelphia parade, and an ACTUAL band camp we used to go to in Kentucky (another loss in budget cuts).  

Almost my entire drama troupe is in band, and they were devastated when the season was cut back last year, and they are so excited to get back in the game this year.

But the game requires money.

So, click the link and vote for the Pride of the Green.


Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners (1982)

(via songsyouusedtolove)

Last night, we had a mini-dance party in the living room. Save Ferris’s version of this song was included, as was the Boyfriend dancing his way through Cotton Eye Joe. No kidding.

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