I know I’ve told this story before, but I want you all to know. I mean really really know.

In February of 2010, my younger sister (who was 14 at the time.) was in a really bad accident. She fractured her skull, broke her eye socket, and her brain started to swell rapidly. She was put into a medical coma to keep her brain safe from the swelling and after 36 hours she had to have brain surgery because she developed a blood clot. See that tube at the top of her head in the first picture? That’s going into her head.. 

She spent nearly 6 weeks in the hospital. She had to relearn a lot of basic functions like walking, and changing her clothes. But she trooped through and made it back home. 

She was uninsured, but with the help of a great children’s hospital, and donations from all over the world (Hey! Thanks tumblr <3) we were able to keep her initial costs very low. But the graces of good people can only go so far. She needed physical therapy, and regular check ups for a long time after her initial release from the hospital. 

My grandparents gained custody of my little sister, and they tried to get her put on my grandfather’s (private) insurance plan. She was denied because of her accident. Because she had a pre-existing condition. My family is lower middle class, and could not even consider affording the out of pocket costs of the therapy my sister needed 

Within weeks of being denied, the Affordable Healthcare Act went into effect. I encouraged my grandmother to re-apply for my sister to be insured. 

The insurance company had to cover my sister. Because of Obamacare, my little sister was able to go to her therapy. She was able to take the medications she needed, and go to the doctor for regular check ups.  She was able to get the care that she needed, and she is now 17 years old, and has been medically cleared to participate in all the things a kid is supposed to do. She drives. She goes to the beach with her friends, she is going to start college soon. 

I am terrified of how different things could be for my beautiful sister if she wasn’t covered under an insurance plan. I want Obamacare. I want other families standing terrified at the foot of a hospital bed to know the person they love is more than just a profit. More than a number. They are taken care of, and they have a President that is willing to really fight to make sure they can keep that coverage. 


Respect the democratic process.


After serving two terms, President Washington prepared to step down and another leader (John Adams.) was elected to take his place, and everything went along without the presence of violence.

Does anyone remember learning about a little thing called the American Civil War? Do I need to paint a picture about how atrocious that was? 750,000 soldiers died, many families starved, and estimated 412,00 people were left broken and maimed from the fighting. Full cities were destroyed. It was a dark dark corner of our nation’s history that almost left us completely broken. Started in the wake of an election, and changing of laws. 

One thing that makes America so great is that every 4 years we have an election to pick the leader of our country.  The people can vote, and the people choose who our president will be. We can vote on so much in this country.

People legitimately want it to change how our process works. How about the 4 Soldiers (*cough terrorist cough*) in Georgia that bought almost $100,000 worth of weapons and explosives, with plans to bomb parks and a water dam, poison produce, and assassinate our President. All to give the government “Back to the People”? Don’t take those guys seriously? They took themselves seriously enough to murder 2 people, a fellow service member, and his girlfriend, who discovered their plans, and decided to report them to the authorities.

Of course there is a Texas Judge calling for Tax Increases so his county can hire more armed police officers, because he is convinced there will be a civil war if Obama is re-elected.

Or the Greene County Republican Committee in Virginia calling for an armed revolution in their newsletter in the event of an Obama victory.  

(The amount of googling I’ve done for this post has probably lead to a tap being put on my internet activities from the FBI. But really, google “Armed Revolution Obama Re-election.” and see what comes up. Pages and pages of personal blogs and narratives from American’s claiming the desire to revolt if our President is reelected. )

Are Republican’s really so incapable of handling life through another 4 years of President Obama? They are so opposed to his healthcare plan, copious spending, and the threat of having millionaire taxes raised, that they would rather overthrow our current system in a violent and bloody revolution than respect our democratic process that the Framers of our nation worked so hard to implement? We are allowed to vote in this country, the people decide who leads our nation, and every 4-8 years a new leader emerges, and the old leader hands over responsibility peacefully and with much ceremony. The key point there is the people decide. 

Maybe, there is a threat to the people deciding. But President Obama isn’t that threat. If you’re concerned the Government no longer belongs to the people, you need to question this. 

Question the Supreme Courts decision on Citizens United. That allows corporations to funnel as much money, and resources as they want to political endeavors all protected by the First Amendment. 

Question the amount of Police brutality in this country, particularly Police Brutality towards minorities.  

Question why more than two dozen states are trying to pass new voter ID laws that end up siginificantly restricting the right to vote in students, elderly and minority communities. (all groups that typically vote liberally.) States are going so far that South Carolina, Arizona, South Dakota, Texas, Georgia and Alabama GOP Attorney Generals have filed an Amicus Brief with the Supreme Court challenging KEY PROVISIONS within the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that allows racial minorities to vote, as Unconstitutional. 

I will respect the democratic process, even if President Obama is not reelected. Because I know in 4 more years, I can vote. I know that my country was founded on the idea of majority decides. My worry is that other people will not. With the amount of violence already present in this country, the violent rhetoric flying around the campaign trail, and a summer filled with mass shootings, I don’t think this fear is unfounded. 


Best Teacher Orientation Day Ever!!


Yesterday was our first day back as teachers for the 2012-2013 school year. I woke up (too early) and headed to school expecting the same old “here are our goals, here is how we would like to reach them, and let’s make this the best school year yet” speech. But, alas, there was much more in store than we could have ever imagined. 

Soon after our first 15 minute break in the morning, we returned to the auditorium to here about the technology changes in our school district. Abruptly, halfway through the presentation, we were told they were cutting the meeting short and the building leadership needed to head to the library.

We all knew something big was going on, especially when we saw a peculiar man with an earpiece standing in the doorway as we left. Now, being inquisitive teachers who knew the President was in the area that day, we quickly figured out something big was in the works. We soon found out that the President of the United States would be AT OUR SCHOOL in 20 minutes to speak to us!

As a government teacher, I was stoked. I sprinted over toward the library to get in on the action. And after a security check from the secret service gentlemen I was good to go. The POTUS came, spoke, answered questions, and shook hands with all the teachers who stuck around, and it was fantastic. So exciting and such a great experience. As an educator I work my hardest to make sure my students are ready for whatever awaits them when they’re done with school, and to hear our President talk about dreaming big and inspiring our students to do the same got me pumped up and ready to go for the next school year!

Thank you Mr. President for taking time out of your outrageously busy schedule to engage some Iowa teachers gearing up for the new school year. Even if, like you said as you walked by us, we “all look like students” so you “must be getting old.”

Definitely on my best day ever list!


President Obama talking to WD staff in the library of the school


 shaking our hands afterwards