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So I was doing a photo shoot of my sister’s kids this morning and my 6 year old niece waits until we’re alone to ask me, “ZZ, why did you cut your hair so short?” To which I responded, “I guess just because I wanted to. I feel beautiful too!” She then says, “Well, my mommy made me promise her that I would never ever EVER cut my hair like that.”

(Cue the explosions going off inside of my brain)

I told my niece that her mother was being a shallow cunt and that she should never feel like her beauty is solely defined by what she looks like, much less the length of her hair.

Okay, so I didn’t really say that. I didn’t say that because I’m not a giant dickhead.

Thankfully, I possess the ability to recognize when it’s not my place to open a can of worms. Maybe one day when she’s older, I’ll be able to explain to my niece what I think beauty is. Maybe one day she’ll be able to understand that those silly “promises” to her mother really don’t mean a thing and that she can do whatever the hell she wants to do with her hair…. WITH HER LIFE.

My heart hurt the whole way home. It didn’t hurt because I was personally offended… it hurt because my 6 year old niece is learning this bullshit from her mother. I suppose if I had cancer and was forced to shave my head, maybe then her mother would tell her how beautiful I was…. it’s fucked up that I know that to be a fact with the way my sister thinks. But because this is something I chose for myself and it’s different from what her personal taste is, it must be wrong. I could give zero fucks if my sister likes my hair or not, but I cannot stand the fact that she is using my choice as some sort of twisted way to teach her daughter what she feels a woman should be.

This is all the more reason for me to be a kick-ass role model for my niece. I cannot tolerate her being brought up in such a narrow-minded world. It’s not my place to say anything about my sister’s parenting, but you bet your sweet ass that I’m going to show my niece as much as I can that all women are beautiful not matter what they look like.

CS Monitor: Senator Hagan introduces bill to turn around worst schools: Can it work?


It would distribute money to states yearly, and they would distribute it to districts that have competed for grants to turn around schools that rank in the lowest 5 percent statewide. They would be required to implement one of these four strategies:

• The “restart” model would convert a school into a charter school or one run by an autonomous organization.

• The “transformation” model puts a new principal in place who has a track record of improving schools. It also introduces a comprehensive set of other changes so that teaching and curriculum are improved with research-based approaches.

• The “turnaround” model takes a similar approach to transformation, but it also replaces at least 50 percent of the staff.

• The “closure” model shuts down the school and disperses students to other schools in the district.

These “changes” seem to lay all the blame on failing schools on the principal and teachers at the school.   They do not consider at all the percentage of kids that aren’t getting fed, the kids who stay up late taking care of their siblings while a parent is working or doing less productive activities. Is the staff being provided with the proper professional development opportunities to learn how to help students that are struggling or that come from difficult home lives? Is there a school nurse on staff, a full time social worker, a full time psychologist?  They don’t consider the materials available to school, or even the money wasted on testing that could go elsewhere.  It doesn’t consider the value the community of that school places on the school, or the support it receives.  This is not a viable solution.  If we are going to make changes, we need to consider all of the factors.  Not everything can be blamed on the teachers.  

(Source: , via positivelypersistentteach)