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Nathan J. Gruber

Mom's Memorial ServiceAmazing Grace (Final)

As many of you may know or recall, my mother passed away a little over a week ago and her memorial service was held last Thursday. One of her favorite things was to hear me play my saxophone and I decided that I would play something at her service. 

I found an arrangement of Amazing Grace and after a quick transposition, had a version I could play with piano accompaniment.

We recorded a version and burned it to a CD in case I was not in any shape to play but am proud to say that I was able to give one last live performance for my mother.

This is the backup version that was not needed. 

*IF, one is curious, this is my horn setup on this track: Selmer Paris Super Action Serie II Eb Alto Saxophone with a Vandoren 3 traditional reed on a Selmer C* S80 mouthpiece held with a Rovner ligature