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No, actually I’m not done.


How dare you. How dare you insinuate that a grieving mother or father is part of some government plot designed to take away your guns. How fucking dare you. These people lost their children, their friends, their coworkers, their sisters, their brothers. Who the hell are you to belittle their grief with bullshit conspiracy theories made to make you feel better about clinging to your guns and archaic laws while people in this country die every single fucking day? How many people have to die? How many tragedies like Newtown, Aurora, and Columbine do we have to endure before you wake up? I want you to take a step back and imagine that you’re a parent and you’re sitting in your office when your phone rings and on the other line someone is telling you your baby is dead. Then imagine someone tells you your grief isn’t real. How dare you.

[TW: Racism, Threats] Gainesville High School Students' Racist YouTube Rant Forces Girls To Leave School, Apologize (VIDEO)



You talk about this kind of thing a lot on here so I figured it would be of interest. Most kids at my school talk a lot like these girls and I think it’s a really good example of the racism in highschools that stays with people when they enter the adult world.


While I don’t approve of the death threats, I’m very glad that something was actually done about this. We need to start showing people that there are consequences for your actions. You put out a racist ass video for the whole world to see, please believe there is going to be some push-back.

If you watch the video, take particular notice at around the 6 minute mark. That’s when they start to talk about their two Black friends. The girl closest to the camera takes particular care to note that he’s “so black that if it was dark outside you couldn’t see him” and that he “makes fun of his race” all the time. The other girl mentions a Jamaican girl they know who “doesn’t consider herself Black”. They both go on to note how “white” both of them act. This is the problem with tokenism. These two Black children befriended these white girls, and now they’re being used to justify their racism. You want to know why Black people side-eye the hell out of white people who claim they have Black “friends” or want to be our “friends”? There you go.

I’m fucking loving the non-apology apologies. The first girl almost had it right. Almost. She fucked up when she said “I’m not a racist person” and “I don’t see someone for their skin color only and hate them”. Yes she is and yes she does. Just because she doesn’t like what she did, that doesn’t mean she can now deny it.

The second “apology” was just all fucked up. For one, the second girl’s mother wrote it. Her mother wasn’t the one in the video, therefore she’s not the one who should be writing an apology. If she really wants her daughter to learn something, she needs to stop babying her and let her take full responsibility for her actions. That includes issuing an apology herself. Of course near the end came the whole “we’re not like that, we know all types of different people” excuse. I am so sick of hearing that bullshit every time someone does something racist.

Also, in both apologies they say “we weren’t raised like that” and “I don’t know where this came from”. I’m smelling major bullshit there. A 14 minute racist rant doesn’t come from nowhere. That is learned behavior. When someone utters the sentence “there are n***ers who are ignorant fucks who are doing nothing with their life”, you know for a fact that they have been thinking this way for a very long time. Both of those families need to get together and do some soul searching because something has gone terribly wrong.

Wow I just hate everything.